I LIVE WITH PAINTING. Constantly thinking about it, I apply layer upon layer of colour, inspired by passionate artists and by the ever-changing nature. My paintings are dominated by landscapes, by the open space in which slow movement flows and advances in different directions. Painting is the release – the discharge – of imagination. Painting is a creative action which is most stirring. The depiction – the image – is constantly shifting, morphing, moving further and further away from the original imagining. New unknowns keep on emerging, layers covering layers, whilst unpredictable combinations of colour never cease to spring forth. I must rein in my impatience. I must sense the direction in which my imagination is pushing on and on, and then come up with a key to resolve it. Each day is bound to bring a different solution.             

Painting is the anomalous reality, the liar’s truth and the lie of the righteous, the embodiment of imagining, an air gap. It is what morphs – out of reason and feeling – into colour and form.