Garden and Cosmos

My mother’s thoughts must also be sorted

2020 09 10 – 2020 10 31

In addition to the photomontages which explore the mysterious relations between garden objects, the exhibition includes video projections, which present the internationally recognised graphic work by Alfreda Gintalienė and the photographs of her garden. These images are accompanied with Alfreda Gintalienė comments. The exhibition also includes a work ‘An Orphan’ (2020) by the contemporary graphic artist Birutė Zokaitytė, Alfreda Gintalienė‘s oldest daughter.

About the author:

Agnė Gintalaitė develops an interdisciplinary practice as a media artist, photographer, illustrator and writer. Since 2015, she is a member of the Photographic Artists’ Union.

Key projects:

‘Beauty Remains’ (2015), a series of photo montages of dilapidated Soviet garage doors photo gained international interest and was presented and reviewed in many cultural publications.

‘Without Perspective’ (2019), a personal exhibition of photographs of Soviet apartment blocks, made with a drone and assembled to create an impression of a perspective-less point of view, the Vilnius Photography Gallery.

Agnė Gintalaitė develops a technique of photo-collection, composing small pieces into a mosaic. Her practice explores the creation of new relations in aesthetic and meaning that emerge this process of assembling. For instance, the garage door project was organised to create a harmonious coloristic effect. The resulting effect of beauty changed public perception of the garage shanty towns, which were perceived as an embarassing urban space. Gintalaitė‘s other project, mandalas made of electronic waste items was based on a similar principle, where electronic waste was assembled into beautiful, regular systems, to encourage people to approach waste as a resource. The vision that was not distorted by perspective in the photographs of the Soviet apartment buildings was also achieved by assembling the blocks from individual pictures of panel blocs, shot taken straight from the front by the drone.

In Gintalaitė‘s new project, ‘Garden and Cosmos’ (2020), the meanings and roles of relations between objects become less clearly defined. The objects are assembled in the ways that suggest change, humour and narratives. As Gintalaitė put it, ‘I like to think about the fact that everything, even a person and a table are composed of the same particles. It is not the particles themselves that are important, but the connections between them. It is the connections that make a person a person and a table a table.’

Exhibition organiser: Public institution ‘Meno debesys’

Partner: THE ROOM gallery in Vilnius 

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius Municipality, Upartas

The exhibition runs until 31 October 2020

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