Colour Contexts

2019 11 29 – 2020 02 29

This collection of canvases by the artist Deima Katinaitė has been compiled by the THE ROOM Gallery and the exhibition curator Ramunė Ivo. It covers painting cycles from 2015-2019 named Colour Contexts.

According to Deima Katinaitė, ‘the art project’s title Colour Contexts was chosen as a reference or a hint to both the ideas that inspired me and the field of images, memories and expectations. Here the concept of context (Latin contextus – connected, interwoven) supposes certain circumstances and conditions, inherent interconnectedness of individual works and intellectual environment, where chromatic experiences were unfolded by painting, along with the construction of certain visual dynamics. My painting is an open invitation for a dialogue – here I speak in images and the main form of expression and communication in this case is chromatic plasticity, therefore, I do not think that my works should be somehow ‘explained’. Painting is a form of language having its own rules, methods and a visual logic pertaining to it, so it is not always expedient to supplement it with tools of another language, for example words. This way a kind of additional ‘cobweb’ of meanings would be placed upon images and if I were to do it myself it would merely be a self-interpretation by an author. Therefore, I do not analyse the contents of my paintings, leaving the notional interpretation to the viewer, to whom these paintings might open entirely different ‘doors’ of meanings than they do for me.’

Dr. Deima Katinaitė is an artist – a painter, and an associate professor at the Department of Monumental Painting and Scenography, Vilnius Academy of Arts. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Visual Arts, and obtained her BA and MA degrees in Monumental Arts, specializing in fresco-mosaic. She completed her doctoral studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts, an Art doctorate in design programme, and obtained her PhD in 2016. Since 2002, the artist has been participating successfully in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Dr. Katinaitė collaborates with galleries, curates exhibitions, writes articles on topical art and culture topics, and works in interior design. Her research interests cover art philosophy, aesthetics, design, and the colour phenomenon.