The Unearthed And Resurfaced

2021 09 16 – 2021 12 22

Sometimes my paintings arrive through the air. They descend slowly and easily; I can spot them from afar and follow them as they glide closer and their surface becomes more distinct. It is rare for paintings to emerge this way, also something that can never be pre-planned. I mostly unearth my images where I probably have left them behind and forgotten; in the process of digging, I also come across other images, unexpected ones that
were hidden by someone else. The unearthed ones require considerable labour, especially if the ground is rocky. Though occasionally I make sketches to help me guess what I might succeed in finding, the sketches are merely approximate doodles leading to the starting point of the unearthing works. When after more or less effort I hit upon a ripe image slumbering
in the underground, I am surprised by the completion of it and the certainty of its intent to communicate or refresh my memory of some things. The next stage is that of taming and unlocking the image. The unearthed ones never speak of the contemporary or mundane. The images evoked by the quotidian actualities usually slumber in the sandy and muddy grounds
under the water and when stirred by the recurrencies of some earlier experienced events start emerging to the surface.
Ina Budrytė

Exhibition curator Professor Dr. Raminta Jurėnaitė