04 02 2022 – 09 04 2022

Lukas Marciulevičius is joining the roster of THE ROOM Gallery’s artists with his new solo exhibition

‘Fields, forests, rocks, houses, pillars, grass, fences, staircases, paths, the sky, trees, the sun, lakes, ravines, hills, hay stacks, shrubs, buildings, windows, corridors and doors, sills, walls, floors, rooms, tables, chairs, beds, blankets, pillows, cupboards, paintings, shelves, books…. THINGS THINGS THINGS! From all these things a landscape is constructed. Can we say that everything we lay our eyes on is a landscape? If all of these things actually exist on our earthly plane, then probably we can. We are also a part of it — a house speaks about it’s people, the ones who built it and the ones who are living in it right now. I observe remote fields and forests, I observe foreign houses – the lives of people that I do not know. In the paintings, these places and objects appear only as a tiny silhouette, like a vision or a dream to which I try to give life. In trying to comprehend the world of things that we live in, I pull back from the life around me and step into a new reality – that of the painting.’

Lukas Marciulevičius
Lukas Marciulevičius (b. 1994) is a painter of the young generation living and working in Kaunas. In 2019 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting at the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. To him, painting is an essential and irreplaceable means of expression. Since 2018, Lukas has
been participating in various exhibitions by young artists and has presented his work in 10 group exhibitions as well as 2 solo shows.

During the SU-MENĖK 2022 project by Vilnius Municipality, visitors of the gallery will have the opportunity of meeting the author of the exhibition, who will present a broader overview of his work and topics of interest and encourage visitors to ask questions and discuss contemporary art. Meetings with the painter Lukas Marciulevičius are scheduled for 12 February at 12 pm and 26 February at 12

Sponsors: Vilnius Municipality, The Lithuanian Council for Culture

At the exhibition opening visitors must present the National Certificate and wear a respirator.

Exhibition on view: 04 02 2022 – 09 04 2022
Open: II-V 11-19, VI 11-15
Admission free.
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