2018 04 05 – 2018 04 28

This exhibition is an open possibility to take part in an Artistic Research of talented young painter and gifted colourist Michaela Bujačková. The metaphor of walking-seeing might be understood as a suggestion for the spectator to open his eyes and try to understand the so called “tacit” knowledge hidden in the artwork.
There are two ways to start the journey. Michaela invites us: follow the colour or follow the line, even though both ways lead to the same crossroad. Graphical expression melts with the earthly tones layered in to a sophisticated and subtle spectrum – artistic toponymy. The colour implies the place (Gr. tópos), which name (Gr. ónoma) can be revealed through the rhythm in the lines. Following the traces of the line and it’s rhythmic movement, one can uncover the secret of the place. By observing how we walk, we understand where we are. According to Michaela our paintings tend to lack something that we see in reality, but the fact of the matter is that there is always something much more to look for and that is certainly important.
The technological quality of the cycle “I walk, I see” is impressive as well, an author masterfully plays with the acrylic paint, which attains transparency and depth of oil painting.

curator of exhibition Dr. Deima Katinaitė

Michaela Bujačková (born in 1994) in 2017 graduated from the Bachelor’s degree of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is currently studying a Master degree at the Vilnius Academy of Arts at department of Monumental Arts. The artist participated in group exhibitions “Denník a spol.” (Liptovský Mikuláš, 2015), “Hope” (Krematoriumas, 2017) and “Miškas rajone” (Galerija Akademija VDA, 2018). Her first personal exhibition was held in the “Kalab” space in Bratislava (2016).