Year of the Tree

2018 09 06 – 2018 09 20

‘This exhibition is united by the recurring motive of the tree. This is a new motive for the artist, as it distinguishes this exhibition from her past solo shows (“My cosmo”, ” Cornerstone”, “Black holes in the sky”, “No way”, 2016-2017) dominated by a static object – the stone. The image of the living (growing, budding and blooming) tree-like figures is reflected through their enlarged fragments in the paintings. Thus, the boundary between the micro and macro image disappears – this enables the viewer to perceive it as a universal tree image.

Merijauskaitė’s creativity is inherent in her free and dashing movement close to Action painting: the movement, the rhythm and the painting process itself take centre stage in her works. The artist does not hide the ‘stitches’ on the canvas – the movements and the stops of the brush are clearly legible. The painter achieves individual and distinct moods in each painting through expressive brushwork and the carefully selected colours. The viewer is afforded the freedom to associate them with the seasons, or indeed with the human condition, or that of a tree, affected by those seasons.’ Text by Dr. Indrė Užuotaitė
Simona Merijauskaitė (born in 1989) is a painter and a graduate of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. She is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, and in 2016 received a scholarship from the Lithuanian Council of Culture. In 2012-2018, the artist participated in 18 group exhibitions and had 6 solo shows. Follow this link for more information about her work and exhibitions: