2024 02 01 – 2024 04 06
THE ROOM gallery
Polocko st. 17, Vilnius

Thursday 1 February, 6 pm The ROOM Gallery (Polocko g. 17, Vilnius) will open an exhibition of paintings by Ina Budryte “The Reality of Reflection”.

Ina Budrytė about the exhibition:

I have seen this view out of my window infinite times: these
rooftops, bigger and smaller, supporting the skyline, these ruffled
tree branches: at dusk they sometimes blend into a solid
silhouette against the sky, sometimes fall apart into details, and
their sharp branches catch light, red at sunset, and glitter against
the background of clouds; it gains extreme expressiveness in
moonlight. I could paint or draw it, yet, instead, I take a picture of
it and post on Facebook for all to admire. Then I shift my glance
to my imagination. There, images constantly keep changing, and
I need time before they sink in, to select, to stop a shape or a
fragment of a recollection which has triggered a new idea within
the flow of images, then draw or paint it. Afterwards post it on
Instagram or put together an exhibition for others to see that.
This exhibition features the artwork from the past few years. I
took to small format, it allows to promptly commit a caught image
to a piece of paper, cast your fishing rod again, pull in an
unexpected catch. A picture is a reflection of the reflections of
reality stored by one’s imagination.

Exhibition is part of project SU-MENĖK/2024 by Vilnius City Municipality
Sponsors: Vilniaus City Municipality, Lithuanian Council for Culture

Exhibition duration: 01 02 2024 – 06 04 2024
Gallery opening hours:
II-V 12.00-19.00.
VI 11.00-15.00

Visiting is free of charge.
More information on Facebook:

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